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Preparing the canvas

No, I never meant for me to be so horrible at blogs, YouTube and updating my community. Honestly, I am forgetful and a tad bit hard to motivate. Things like these seem weird to post about, not knowing if anyone will ver read this, I guess I feel foolish.

Why post then? Personal reasons of helping my memory for one, then the opportunity to improve my writing skills (which suck) and to give raw honest education and feedback about the projects I am working on. Why would anyone want to learn what I know? I don’t know, I suppose the don’t but they are already reading the sentence so I guess you will answer that question after you’re done reading.

I do want to point out that when i write, my words come off offensive, rude, ignorant, miscalculated and more often than not, confusing, but though that may seem the vibe, it is often what I intended. Not to truly piss anyone off, but to reveal the anger, fear and roles we play from society. I mean, i’m not going to trick you at all, I will tell you beforehand if I am going to write or say something questionable. I am no fool to not know what my words hold and the power they carry. There is a need to understand me though in it, do know I grew up with racism and violence and drugs and the whole nine yard breaking down my door, the way my generation or at least the people I grew up with al dealt with these things with humor, education and listening to our elders. So if I say something offensive and you feel hurt, please tell me and let us reconcile it. I am no dumby to not admit his faults, but if it is a belief of mine, I will apologize and confirm that it changes nothing of my structure. I only want to encourage and love the community that surrounds me, whether they like me or hate me.

Fun fact #1 Josh here grew up in the church, Holy Roller spirit filled Christians with the magical power of running in circles with strange speed and to speak angelic gibberish. I quickly learned what was crazy and what was loving and Christ like. Not to dismiss those gifts, but maybe one of a thousand actually know what the Hell is actually occurring there. That education in of itself lasted years and taught me that hurting people would happen in all settings of life, its how we respond that Christ was trying to teach, well one lesson of the many. All this to say, my main goal from this blog and my social presence is to be a REAL human being with all his crappy flaws out front for you to see, but in hopes you will overlook them to say that character, personality, hope and humanity are in this presence and me and that the material I teach and advice I give, I give with love.

I guess that should transition us into the reason why it’s taken so long to update you all. It is because I battle with myself often to have direction and be encouraged. I seem most of my days are filled with me encouraging others and friends into the grand role they are capable of achieving, at their will of course. But it’s draining, especially when I do not have a solid trustable support system to keep me producing art. I need a stable income to take care of my wife and pug, art is a deadly landslide of a career. One minute you‘re doing well, then poof, you’re irrelevant. But that’s if you’re seeking fame and fortune, I’m not.

I‘m seeking reconciliation with the world I guess. I can’t explain what I meant over a post, so i am trying to write a small book to publish so these expeditions and missions I took part of growing up and the experience they gave can be applied to a new hope for believers and non-believers.

Since this is all catch up info, please note that I will have more educational material applied to my blog. This is my way of being transparent with my community and people who care to read.


Just finished the Mural design for KYCC ( Koreatown Youth Community Center) which was based off the concept of “The GivingTree” with the idea of promoting more trees in K-town, LA for more shade. K-town is the hottest physically in LA area. I build the idea around a children's book meets Rugrats feel. I‘ll go more into it in another post.

Secondly, I am working hard on getting Fragmentz the card game to the #NFT world and to a game. I will definitely need to go into full detail what’s happening with it and why I haven‘t posted. Hopefully you’ll understand after I explain or you may hate me. Not sure, but I will post soon.

Lastly, I have been tiresly working at developing a simpler NFT project that will give the funds so the Fragmentz can be relaunched correctly. The project is to also help someone experiencing homelessness at the moment. So I would feel much more prepare for Fragmentz with a little more practice and experience under my belt, you know what I mean?

Here‘s a clip

Detective Lau sits with is in the corner, hidden behind a broken light and his infamous chocolate hat. He notes under his breath as it occurs. “ A young mistress, dressed in crimson from head to heels, walks into a shabby bar on the east Harlem, a little hidden joint where culture meets chaos. I come to this side sometimes for Patsy’s, but tonight, it looks like I came for destiny.

The bar tender, Jorge, a good and long time friend to Lau, cleaned the glass as the woman in red slipped him a note. Hmm, a note, a warning, a phone number for tonight’s late night booty call, or maybe since it’s 1am on a Wednesday in an area where a dane like that has no business, I bet it’s trouble.”

That‘s a small taste to the fun interactive and rewarding #NFTcollection I am creating. It’s a mystery game that has the NFT holders forced to work together with the clues on each photograph Leading them to the secret Treasure of Akhenaten.

Okay, thats all the projects I think that are taking up most of my time. I am working with Space Stranger (Jessie Perry) an amazing and super skilled artist on his NFT project and card game. But that doesn’t effect my stuff really, in fact it is teaching me a lot for Fragmentz and Detective Law (His name is Lau, but since no one can pronounce it, they call him Law)

To end, I want to say thank you for reading and thank you for your patience, I am so happy and thankful that you are investing into my work and dreams. Next post will answer more.



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