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Perilous Space Cowboy

"Perilous Space Cowboy"


His attempt to escape a hell-hole of a ship, his only route is through each level, each level of Pac-Man that is. His infatuation with games and outer realms of space has merged and it's come down to life or death, but is it Game Over?

I was hoping to sum up a friend of mine who is out of this world. He has a gunslinging attitude and deep hankering for the borderline crazy. That's what makes him a great artist though. And in this discovery of his wonderful traits, I only imagined the countless dimensions in which he could be altered versions of himself. 

They would all be vastly different, but each would hold his modest and courageous character. As the world crumbles around him and death is in his corridor, he takes one last brave breath before...


Yeah, so that's how I came up with this NFT, but I wanted it to represent that one person in your life that is lucky by the skin of their teeth. Kind of the Han Solo of your life.

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#art #spaceart #digitalillustration #spacecowboy #comics #nftart

Ink on Paper


Drop 09/07/2021

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