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Digimine Crypto Park.jpg

Digimine Crypto Park

When the metaverse oozes into the real world. Yeah, so I began this drawing with mostly the desire to test new digital brushes in Procreate, which led to this creation where I was thinking about Rugrats when I drew it. If you have never seen the cartoon Rugrats, then you're missing out on some of the weirdest and most goofy humor on television. 

The colors I wanted to stay in the purples and cooler tones as for some strange reason I think of cool colors when pondering on crypto stuff and warm colors when I think of tangible real paintings. I think this is related to the blue screen on digital things and the red and yellow tones in older traditional paintings.


Procreate on Ipad Pro 2021

Digimine Crypto Park.jpg

I decided to sell it on Solsea mainly due to crazy high gas fees this month. The great thing is that the owner of this NFT gets a signed premium print to hang on a wall or by the desk. The drawing is meant to be all over the place, with chaos amongst the imagination. The small dots that glitter the picture are colorful expressions I developed to give the viewer the suggestion of an old comic strip feel with a digital noise vibe, yeah you know what I mean.

I may do one more in the same style but more of what people did when the internet was revealed. 

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