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Native Sin

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The TV turns on, YouTube or Netflix, sensory ignited, racism and murder flash as beacons in front of my eyes. I observe the tragedies placed on people because of false history, hidden truths, and oppression tangled with genocide throughout our history. As I began to focus on the racism here in the United States, I see that we want justice for these hate crimes, but have we traveled far back enough to when Colombus first arrived and encouraged the slavery and deaths of the Taino (natives from Haiti and DR) Within 50 years, they were reduced to a counted two hundred. This isn't even the mainland, imagine what snowball effect he had on the extermination of Native Americans who we still to this day are treated as a subculture buried under America's pride. All this under the covering of the Faith.
During Columbus’s voyages, the ships’ crews observed religious rites. Every time they turned the half-hour glass (their primary means of keeping time), they cried: “Blessed be the hour of our Savior’s birth / blessed be the Virgin Mary who bore him / and blessed be John who baptized him.” They finished each day by singing vespers together (although reportedly they sang out of tune). -
The 1492 "voyage of discovery" is, however, hardly all that is at issue. In 1493 Columbus returned with an invasion force of seventeen ships~ Setting up shop on the large island he called Espa–ola (today Haiti and the Dominican Republic), he promptly instituted policies of slavery (encomiendo) and systematic extermination against the native Taino population. Columbus's programs reduced Taino numbers from as many as eight million at the outset of his regime to about three million in 1496. Perhaps 100,000 were left by the time of the governor's departure. His policies, however remained, with the result that by 1514 the Spanish census of the island showed barely 22,000 Indians remaining alive. In 1542, only two hundred were recorded. Thereafter, they were considered extinct~
Indians are Us
(Common Courage Press, 1994)
by Ward Churchill

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