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The 12 Mugs

Murals have always been a privilege and joy of mine. Though this one is a bit more simple and of course black and white, it keeps some of my style and the feeling of fluidity. It was for a backdrop of a video shoot and I had to throw it up in a day.


Also, this was mostly freehand, with no grids or doodles. Just centering the piece with the Holy Grail and then drawing each disciple as a cup, not forgetting Mary Mag.

The idea was to think of the disciples in their characteristics and match a coffee style that they may have preferred or seemed like to the mural. Christ would end up being two cups. One is a simple Holy Grail with the Trinity rising to the heavens, but a radical graffiti of a modern cup overtop it. The bright pink outline represents that very perilous and sacrificial life that Jesus gifted the world through his indemnity. 

I enjoy murals and even more so the ones that you can discover new images hidden within the painting. I made a broken mug down at the bottom right of the painting, which would be the left side (left hand) of the Holy Grail. With it"s coffee and foam spilled out on the ground, the cup that characters Judas Iscariot should be easy to spot. 

Mary Magdelene I felt should be sweet and still curvy. I also didn't want her to be like the others in their chaos, so I placed her upside down to the right of the grail (right hand) with a cherry on top. The cherry represents her sexuality. Growing up in the western culture of the Faith, Mary was either represented as a prostitute or someone unworthy of being called a disciple. Stories of her and Jesus having sexual relations and so on. The thing is, when you read the Bible and what it has to say about her, they are no suggestions to her behavior or character except for an overwhelming love for Jesus and serving people. So, I wanted to put the cherry at her feet but on top, showing that the world has focused so much on the negative lies built for her because she was a woman and remind mankind that she emptied herself completely to follow Christ. 

The rest I will leave for your mind to interpret and conjure those imaginative puzzle pieces. My favorite part of the mural was spraypainting the hot pink on over this clean black and white look.

Matte Acrylic Paint on painted wall

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